Stacy Deys

Hi, my name is Stacy Deys. I have been a day home provider for 11 years. I knew that I wanted to work with children from a young age, and that is the path I have consistently stayed on. As an elementary school aged child I would go directly from school, to a day home on my block to help with the children. After a while the lady started to pay me $5 a week, but I enjoyed it so much the money was just a bonus. After high school and before College, I was a nanny and thoroughly enjoyed that as well!

I took Child and Youth Care at the Lethbridge Community College and from there worked as a family support worker for Family Ties in Lethbridge, before being hired as a Child & Youth Care Worker in the Palliser School division for 6 years before having our first Child. In this position, I really enjoyed developing programs to cater to the needs of children who struggled socially and emotionally in varying ways. I was able to work with the general student population through a school wide bully prevention program that I developed, visiting classrooms to give presentations based on monthly themes related to bullying. I was also able to work with children in small group settings to support development on skills identified as lacking by parents and teachers. These included anger management, friendship skills, and social skills to name a few.

I have been at home since having our first child twelve years ago and am the proud mom of three awesome kids, age 12, 10, & 7. I have a wonderful husband who supports the crazy busy atmosphere of having so many little people in our home and I am so grateful for that!

It is important to me that the children who come to my day home know that we are a day home family. We have family meetings when there are conflicts, or to do planning for activities. I look for opportunities to encourage compassion for each other, and to be a cheer leader friend (encourage each other, give compliments on each other's crafts etc.). I like to offer a balance of free play, and organized activities, and can recognize when it is time for that transition. It is also important to me that the children in my care feel loved, celebrated, and treated fairly - just as I want my own children treated by grownups who interact with them outside of my home.

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Welcome to my profile.

My name is Dayna Dempsey-Webb; I'm a single mom of two very amazing children (one boy and one girl). I have one shitzu-bichon pup named Kodak. I enjoy reading, crafts, outdoor adventuring and spending time with my family. I've been a well-established licenced and accredited Day Home for 13 years, and have my Level three Early Childhood Education Diploma, and am working on my Bachelor in Child and Youth Care, which I am hoping will lead into my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. I offer care during the week Monday through Friday 5:30am- 5:30pm and am also able offer care on a drop in overnight basis, as well as contracted overnight care. I am able to provide respite care for families through FSCD as well as Foster respite (approved through family services) I offer a very spacious home, in which my whole house is available to the children. I offer a preschool based programming in which the interests of the children are my main focus. Lots of open ended play time is offered to allow the children to create, socialize and build on their various developmental domains. Children learn more through play, so my programming is geared around providing ample exploration time for the children. We do a lot of outdoor activities during the day as well as in the evenings rain or shine, which include visiting a variety of different parks, field trips, backyard fun in our very spacious yard (lots of different activates and toys) etc. My Day Home is situated by a number of different parks within walking distance, and on nice days and warm evenings we will be taking trips to the various parks for some daytime/ evening fun and exercise. Our evening/ overnight routine follows our family routine and if there are any specific routines your family follows I can incorporate these as well. Our menu for daytime (two snacks and a lunch) /overnight (supper and breakfast) care follows the Canada's food guide for healthy eating.

Your child would have their own sleeping room (overnight care), with their own bed to sleep in, including their own dedicated bedding. If you are interested in coming to visit my centre please feel free to message me (403-393-0055) for more info.

Busy B Dayhome

Busy B Dayhome offers a professional childcare service in a structured atmosphere with the flexibility to nurture and support each child in such a way that promotes positive self-esteem and the opportunity for optimal growth in all areas.

A daily plan of activities has been developed to meet the needs of each child. The idea is to foster dignity, self worth and confidence. Thank you for considering Busy B.

Ann Billyard.


Emma Landayan

Hi! My name is EMMA LANDAYAN. I have a home on the north side in Uplands. I have 3 young adult children, my husband, and a medium-sized dog in the house. I have been a Child Development Supervisor (Level 3) for almost 4 years now. I graduated in the Philippines with a Bachelor in Secondary Education. I also trained as a Health Care Aide in Royale Health Care Aide School, and have participated in many child development workshops and seminars. My experience includes being an assistant teacher the Lethbridge Montessori School as well as being a Health Care Aide at the Health Care Home Ltd., Good Samaritan Society North, and Adapt-a 'Care. I also have 20 years of teaching experience in the Philippines.

The children have access to the main floor of my house. I offer the children a variety of materials for them to explore and support their interests. I have a large covered deck and an enclosed backyard which includes a sandbox, playhouse, slides, riding toys etc. I also make sure that with your written permission I walk with the children to the neighborhood park for them to have more fun outdoors in a different setting while doing a variety of activities.

I love children and my goal as a day home Provider is not only to provide a safe and caring environment but also for the children to learn new things while having fun. My day home is always open since I don't usually take days off except on emergencies. If you would like more information, please contact me at my home phone number (403) 942-1049 or my email I'm very excited to talk to you soon!

Jennifer Dalton

I live on the North side with my Husband, Son (3 yrs. old) and our two dogs. My day home is centrally located, just north of Highway 3.

I plan many different themed and developmentally appropriate activities that target all of the developmental domains but often times I go with the emergent interest of the children. For example if a child engages in the art exploration area, I add some more materials to enhance their experience and expand their play process. Ultimately, I am a big supporter of allowing supported free play; watching the play of the children unfold without adult interference fascinates me, there is so much they learn through play.

I have an enclosed backyard which is used daily for many outdoor experiences. With your prior written permission, we also take field trips that include but are not limited to: city parks and playgrounds, Family Centre, nature centre, and the Galt museum.

Currently I transport to Senator Buchannan School and may consider other school transport if it fits into our day home schedule.

I have my level 1 in early childhood education and continue to expand my education through workshops on early childhood development. I am certified in first aid and have all of my references and background checks completed. I provide two snacks and lunch throughout the day and provide opportunity for the children to nap in the afternoon.

Please feel free to Call/Text or Email
Cell: 403-634-9061


Ann's Day Home

My name is Ann Villacin. I am a level 2 Early Childhood educator that has operated a day home for 9 years. I was a nurse in the Philippines but when I came to Canada I worked for 5 years as a caregiver with people who had special needs. My day home journey started after I had my first child. Initially I wanted my child to have some playmates but along the way I developed a passion to be with young children. My husband Michael helps me run the day home when he is home from his full time job. We have 2 children. We really enjoy having our day home. We work as a team and it is truly a Family Day Home, everyone is part of our family. We Filipinos are family oriented people that are known to be world class caregivers.

As a Day Home Provider, I see to it that my primary roles are performed to the highest standards. From daily care, nurturing and educating the children as well as connecting with the families and community are of great importance to me. I see to it that I'm connecting with the parents and keep the lines of communication open.

My day home is a child centered, fun, friendly and safe environment for your children. Here they will play, sing, dance and develop their own potential with the other children. They will have the opportunity to be independent, have the freedom to explore things and develop their unique creativity.

We have a big backyard with many play materials. We have multicultural materials, toys, books, musical instruments and dress up clothes to meet diverse cultural needs. We believe in, value and respect cultural ethnicity. We believe that diversity enriches our society, it gives us insight and perspective that one might not otherwise be exposed to and it provides an opportunity to discover, learn and understand the world that we live in.

Elena Garcia

Hello! Everyone, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Elena Garcia. I am from Mexico City. I used to be a social worker in my country. I worked many years in Mexico with children. I like to bake, dance and sing. I love to spend time with children. I have learned a lot of things from them. I have been living in Lethbridge since 2009. I have been married for 16 years. My husband works as Health Care Worker; he loves to work with people. We have a daughter; she is 12 years old. She is a lovely girl who loves to spend time with children; she likes to play with them. She loves animals (she has a little hamster); she wants to be an exotic animal veterinary when she grows up.

When my daughter was born, I didn’t want to be separated from her, so I didn’t go to work. I really love to spend time with her, now she is a teenager, and I have decided to return to the workforce by providing childcare in my home. I live in the north side of Lethbridge. I like to plan different activities according with the interests of the children. I have a clean yard where the children can play safety. My menu for children is based on the Canadian Food Guide. My day home is open Monday-Fridays to 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. I have my Level 1 (Early Childhood Educator). I have my First Aid and CPR recently updated. I chose to work with a licensed agency to have the benefit of the all supports offered for myself and the families I will serve. I hope once you meet me you feel confident knowing that your child will be nurtured, respected and receive quality care and attention. My goal is to ensure each child enrolled in my program feels comfortable, loved and free to explore and learn.


“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.”
- Walt Streightiff


Hi my name is Jocelyn. My day home is centrally located on the Southside. I have a Bachelor's degree in Education as well my Child Development Supervisor certificate in Early Childhood Education. In addition, I have experience working with children who have learning, physical or social special needs

I have been operating my Day Home for 10 years. I, my husband Ron and our 2 school aged son's share a love of nature, cooking and learning through play. I like to develop relationships with each child depending on their interests and needs. Special tea time, bug collecting, gardening, or dinosaur digs are a few simple activities that I have enjoyed with the children I have cared for. Commitment to a child's safety, health and learning is the foundation on which I design my program. To support families with school age children, I offer transport to Fleetwood Bawden, Gilbert Patterson and St. Mary's school.

Paige Wolsey

HI my name is Paige Wolsey. I have 2 young children of my own and decided to operate a day home so that I could accommodate the needs of my family and other families needing child care.

My home is set up so that the children have access to areas on both levels of my home. There is a large play space on the lower level that has several play centers set up for the children as well as a large open space for the children to explore gross motor activities.

I also have a large full enclosed backyard with many materials for the children to use in the outdoor space. My home offers a variety of different play materials both indoors and outdoors that target the needs of a wide range of developmental needs. I also have 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 rabbits.

I plan a daily menu that meets the Canada Food Guide requirements and I also plan daily activities that meet the developmental targets of the children in my care. I look forward to meeting your family and making them a part of my day home!

Tracy Reis

My name is Tracy Reis. I have operated my day home since 2005. I completed the requirements for Child Development Assistant, Level 1 and I attend monthly professional development meetings. I have firsthand experience with asthma, food allergies including milk, eggs, fruit and fish.

My day home is set up in the lower level of my home, which is bright and spacious, with a variety of plays areas. The outdoor space is large, giving the children plenty of room to run and enjoy daily outdoor play. The children participate in planned program activities. My routine is flexible for open play times to give the children practice with social, emotional, language, fine and large motor skills. I serve home cooked meals, including a variety of dishes, soups, vegetables, fresh fruits and baked goods.

We are a pet friendly day home. Our Labrador dog as well as our two guinea pigs who stay upstairs. The dog will spend some supervised time with the children. My three teenage children will be in the home when there is no school. The Agency has approved my mother as a substitute Provider who comes into the day home when I have appointments. The children will not have their routine disrupted. All parents will be notified when the in -home sub comes in.

Enrolling your child with me ensures emergent and intentionally planned play experiences, nutritional meals, daily outdoor activities and positive interactions with myself and their peers.

Come see for yourself what I have to offer!!!


Tammy Lehr

Hi my name is Tammy Lehr and I run my day home in Cardston. I have been operating a day home for almost 4 years. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from BYU in Idaho. Since graduating in 2005, I have been working in the field of Early Childhood Education. I worked as a substitute teacher until the birth of my son Skyler when I chose to stay home and open up my day home.

Being contracted through an accredited Day Home Agency means that I have all of the necessary background checks, first aid and health and safety standards in place. I offer planned, topic based interactive play with a variety of materials and play areas that are designed to meet the emerging interests of the children in the centre. These activities are designed to meet all of the developmental domains. I also offer a large outdoor space with many play areas and materials that we access daily.

I am open from 8 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday. I provide 2 snacks and lunch daily. I do offer transport to Cardston schools if needed. For more information you can call me at 403-653-4130 or contact Odyssey Childcare at 403-320-5437.



Welcome to my profile.

Hi my name is Jayme, I run a Day Home in Coaldale. I am the mother of 3 amazing boys 15, 14 years and a 9 month. I have a small dog that is vaccinated, hypo allergenic and child friendly. I have been contracted with Odyssey Childcare for 6 years. Prior to moving to Coaldale I operated a Day Home in Calgary for many years; I also have experience working in a preschool setting and have been employed as a Preschool teacher.

I have my level 1 in ECE, current St. John's First Aid, and have attended various workshops in providing quality care for children. My Mother has been screened and is approved by the agency to assist me in my Day Home and is qualified to provide back care for me in my home.

My enclosed back yard is designed to provide a variety of outdoor entertainment and growth and my indoor environment dedicated to development and fun for the children.


Welcome to my profile.

My name is Shirley Rempel. I have lived in Southern Alberta since 2007, with my husband and two children. We also have a Boston Terrier/Pug Cross puppy named Murphy in our family.

I have been in the field of Early Childhood Education since 1998 and have my Child Development Supervisor certification from the Alberta Government and my Early Childhood Educator Certification. I began my family day home in 2009 after having my second child. Prior to that I was employed at daycare centers in both Alberta and Manitoba.

My philosophy regarding Early Childhood Education is that children learn through play. I believe that children are capable and are the ones in control of how they play, what they play with and how they learn. I have studied several philosophies in the area but am most influenced by the Montessori and Reggio Emilia Pedagogy of education. Therefore, I offer large time periods of free play and exploration, where children can interact with one another and explore the materials in the environment. These include puppets, dolls, kitchen center, musical instruments, blocks, puzzles, a library area, open art center, dress up clothes, and other materials that will encourage and develop young imaginations. You will notice that I do not have very much in way of traditional toys, but lots of what is called loose parts. These are materials that are open ended and can be whatever the children want it to be. Play through these materials is unlimited and its been a great journey watching children use these materials since transitioning to this type of play almost seven years ago. If you have any questions about Reggio inspired childcare and loose parts play, do not hesitate to ask!

I will also offer adult-directed activities like science experiments and art activities throughout our day and week. I also have a very large, fenced yard for maximum large motor experiences outdoors. While I have a daily schedule posted, I follow the lead of what the children want and need, only transitioning for bathroom times, eating and resting after lunch.

I am a big advocate of early literacy and offer many chances through the day to look at, and be read to, books of various types and sizes. With regards to technology, I we only use the internet for research about topics of interest. Television viewing is limited, and only educational shows are used. We are outside daily, except in very extreme situations, so please ensure your child is ready to get dirty, move and have fun by wearing comfortable clothes and footwear that you do not mind getting dirty.

I have my First Aid and CPR, current criminal record check and Intervention check, as well I have taken several workshops and courses related to the field of Early Childhood Education. I participate in workshops and courses throughout the year to keep up to date on early childhood education practices and policies.

I look forward to caring for, playing with, and having fun with your child!

Sabrina Burrows

Hello! My name is Sabrina. I have lived in Southern Alberta all my life and have been a resident of Coaldale for over a decade. My partner Sean and I have been together for 6 years and we share our home with our two cats: Cinder and Ashlyn.

I graduated college in 2011 with my diploma in Early Childhood Education and have worked in various childcare settings. In the beginning of my career, I worked in daycares and then later I switched to before and after school programs and then I entered the school system working in elementary schools. I attend many workshops and conferences to continue my education and stay current in the early childhood education field.

I truly enjoy working with children, especially the younger ages. I have seen the benefits of small ratios / group sizes and believe that children are able to get more one-on-one attention and learning opportunities when in a small group. I am excited to offer a fully licenced day home to the families in my community.

Within my home I have three different spaces for children to explore and interact independently and cooperatively with various toys and learning materials. I also have a fenced-in backyard for the children to run and play. I will be providing the children with a combination of open-ended play time along with some teacher directed activities, all of which will be led by the children’s interests. Experiences and activities will target all areas of development.

I am open Monday through Friday from 8am-5:30pm and closed all statutory holidays. I provide 2 snacks and lunch daily. I currently Do Not offer transportation to schools however I am hoping that may change in the future. For more information you can call me at 306-201-4242 or contact Odyssey Childcare at 403-320-5437.


My name is Paige, and I have Paige's Day Home in the small town of Claresholm. Before running a dayhome, I was a chef in some amazing places including the Fairmont Château Lake Louise for 2 years. But after a number of years cooking, I needed a change. As much as I loved to cook and had a passion for it, the cooking world takes time away from family and friends and even myself. So, after hearing a friend complain of a lack of accredited childcare options in our small town. I decided to make the change and use my other passion to support my family. My passion for helping grow little minds and a love of watching little ones grow up. I ended up opening the day home a month later.

And that was almost 12 years ago. In the pass 12 years, I have grown a lot as an Early Childhood Educator. I have completed my Early Childhood Education Diploma (have my Early Childhood Supervisor Certification), plus all the other credentials the agency and licensing require. My program has also grown and developed. We use an amazing program called Hipporay, which gives the children lots of great activities to do from arts and crafts, singing, gross and fine motor activities as well as sensory play, dramatic play and even science. We also work on numerous things you would like your child to learn. I offer a program similar to a preschool program.

Aside, from the day home, I am involved in the local Girl Guiding Unit as the Spark Leader and I am the children's Liturgy Teacher at church. My family, which consists of myself, my husband and daughter and our fur babies (2 dogs and 2 cats) love to do things together. We like camping, hiking, fishing and just doing anything we can together even just sitting at home watching a movie.

I can't wait to get to know your family and your child and have them join our day home!