Our mission is to support health, nutrition, and social well being, in an environment that respects and encourages growth of the “whole child”.


The philosophy of the Agency is to encourage development of the “whole child”. Each child, being a unique individual, requires an opportunity to develop at their own rate for each area of growth. Keeping in mind, each area of growth has equal importance as well as specific importance to developing the “whole child”.

It is the Agency’s belief that the Parent, in conjunction with the Provider and the Agency, will strive to keep communication consistent between all three parties. Through this communication, each party will be able to effectively encourage emotional, social, creative, physical and intellectual growth of each child.

The Agency will endeavor to recruit Providers who are committed to understanding child development and expanding their knowledge. As we strongly believe that it is through the understanding of child development that optimum child care is facilitated. Any child expressing negative behavior will be redirected and positive behavior practices will be introduced. Early intervention to curtail any negative situation will of course be desirable.

Every Parent will be encouraged to take time selecting a Day Home and the Agency will strive to offer choices that provide as many similarities to the child’s own atmosphere and community as possible.

Children will be encouraged to make choices of their own as to preference of play. It is our intention that each day home have adequate play areas for the children to choose from as well as choices always being a positive experience to enhance self esteem.

We believe that 90% of nutrition will be consumed during a normal Day Home day and proper nutrition is imperative for a child’s development and growth. The Agency will ensure that the Providers are trained in the proper nutrition requirements for the children in the Day Home.

The Agency has an open door policy for both the Parents and the Providers, whom we encourage to call us if a concern arises. Should a dispute occur in the Day home, the Coordinator will meet with all interested parties, in order to resolve any issue(s).